Greetings to all our customers, clients, and stakeholders.  Welcome to Kundu Jakarta website.

The Papua New Guinea Embassy in Jakarta which was established in 1976 is known in the PNG Foreign Mission arrangements as ‘Kundu Jakarta.’  The word ‘Kundu’ derives from the iconic hand held traditional drum used widely in Papua New Guinea for traditional singing, dancing, and ceremonies.  It can also be seen as part of PNG’s National Symbol together with the famous Bird of Paradise and the Bow and Arrow.

The main purpose for this website is to enable the mission to improve the provision of essential information relating to Papua New Guinea, its sovereignty, and its interests.  Important information relating to PNG’s Bilateral Relations with the Republic of Indonesia and Multilateral relations through ASEAN will also be available.  The site will provide links for key government agencies enabling interested person(s) to obtain the necessary domestic or international information or specific link provided.  It is intended that the site will also include current activities of the Mission, and activities involving PNG citizens in the Republic of Indonesia.  

It is my intention to also utilize this opportunity to link with all PNG students in the various Universities in Indonesia for purposes of information and coordination on special occasions, and as a means for updates for PNG citizens wanting to obtain updates of the progress of their children on study in Indonesia.  I hope that the site will also link to the scholarship programs provided by the Government of Indonesia to young Papua New Guineans wanting to study in Indonesia.

The Embassy is advised that there is a fair number of PNG citizens both in Jakarta and throughout the Republic of Indonesia who enquired from time to time on the prospects of having a community network of citizens for national day activities and other activities of interest.  It is hoped that the site will provide that link for all PNG citizens currently residents in Indonesia.

Finally, the site is new, and the Embassy will continually provide updates to ensure current information and also to meet ever changing user requirements.  Some pages will still be under construction, and some to be provided in the future.  I sincerely hope that the Kundu Jakarta Website will provide the additional valued service that will enable everyone who uses our site to have a better understanding of Papua New Guinea, our very important and robust Bilateral relations with Indonesia, and our Multilateral efforts as a long-time observer to ASEAN.

I invite you now to explore the rich information relating to Papua New Guinea.  Please I also look forward to some feedback through the Embassy information page.

Thank you!

Commodore (Retd.) Peter ILAU, DMS, CBE