Peter Ilau was appointed Ambassador of Papua New Guinea (PNG) to the Republic of Indonesia in March 2011.
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2011  -  2012


VISION 2015 - The PNG Embassy will enjoy a well - Networked, Cohesive and Mutually Benefiting Bilateral relations.

MISSION - To drive and Foster Cordial and Constructive Bilateral Relations through SMART Diplomacy.

VALUE - Our people in the Embassy, both PNG and locals are important – people are assets that bring about  the best in relationships.

Our capabilities, including infrastructure, knowledge information and communication must be best fit for the purpose of Our systems and documentations including policies must be reflective of all on key stakeholders.

Pillar One

- People Value

Pillar Two
- Capabilities Infrstructure   
- Best Fit

Pillar Three
- Systems & Documentation
- Best Fit & Stakeholder
- Satisfaction


STRATEGY - 4 C Strategy – Consider, Contact, Communicate and Commit.

4C Strategy Stages

  • Consider
    - This is the process of exploring, reviewing, sensoring and study.
  • Contact
    - The process of establishing relationship – this could be through face to face, phone, letter or internet.
    - This phase also includes establishing credibility, of person or organisation existence.  Obtaining person or organization profile.
  • Communicate
    - Setting timelines for dialogue and confirming permanent lines of communication.
    - Also, establish key players and stakeholders.
    - Verify and confirm process and procedures including protocols.
    - Maintain records of meetings and reports.
    - Feedback to all appropriate stakeholders.
  • Commit
    - Ground Breaking
    - MOU, SOFA, Cooperations
    - Contracts
    - Amend Agreements
    - Facilitate bilateal formalities for

Project to appropriate authority or contractor in the case of civilians (consultant)

Strategic Goals

Goal 1 - Fully established Network with Indonesian Government and Private Sector and all other key stakeholders.

  • Objectives
    - Strategic Plan of Approach.
    - Obtain Relevant PNG Policies for PNG/Indonesia Bilateral Intergrity.
    - Mutually Agreed Work and Meeting Schedules through well established Joint Commission/Committees.

Goal 2 - Free flow Communication with robust confidence in Diplomatic Relations .

  • Objectives
    - Master register of all stakeholders and useful contacts.
    - Mutually agreed key occasions for Officials, and Political Heads Meet.
    - Mutually set arrangements in all aspects of information, awareness and consultations.

Goal 3 - Well considered and best fit future paths for maintenance of momentum, maintenance of the Vision and sustaining of all Embassy roles and fuctions.

  • Objectives
    - Own Chancery;
    - Establish Private Sector, Annual Roadshow for Large, Medium and Small businesses;
    - Confirm Sealines of Communication and Road; and
    - Suitable Air Service between Port Moresby and Jakarta.

Goal 4 - Commitment

  • Ensure Firm Political Will
  • Best Fit Public/Private Sector Business Coop;erations.
  • All Ground Breaking Complete.
  • Joint PNG/INDO Business Council
    - Public Sector; or
    - Private Sector; and/or
    - Combined Public/Private Sector Partnership


2011 2012 2013 2014 2015



Review Current Network, identify potential partners.

Identify a Who’s who list/Network Directory

Seek out existing PNG Gov’t Politicies for alignment purposes including new Chancery

Formalising & extend Friendship of PNG profile: in Indonesia, Vietnam, Timor-Leste.

Business Sector interaction between PNG/RI; Ability of Embassy to take on added roles.

Seek out existing Models/Options

Review potential labour + visa arrangements to strengthen Business Council Partnership.

Drafting relevant NEC Submission details as advise  to Government

Explore Business potentials in PNG/RI to utilize sea, air and land travel.

Points of Entry and Exit in PNG/RI options

Review of existing arrangements and understanding




Call potential partners, agencies or organisations.

Schedule meetings and mutual programs, including social/sports setting.

Call relevant PNG Gov’t Authorities by phone, email or fax.

Call potential autorities, in Indonesia, Vietnam, Timor-Leste

Call PNG Chamber of Commerce, IPBC, Commerce & Trade, Provincial Affairs.

Contact ASEAN Desk for Rules of Engagement of Member Countries

Asia Desk collaboration for Policy Submission

Advise on strength of achievements since 2011 for ASEAN contact.


Call potential stake-holders.

Call ASEAN for Reviewed Bid for ASEAN Membership


Call all relevant Forums




Engage in Dialogue sessions with stakeholders.

Draft Policy Submissions.

Engage fully in Confidence Building Activities.

Seek out potential Public/Private Business Forum for PNG/RI relevance.

Seek out key support to enhance Air, Sea & Land travel


Scjedi;e Dialogues with PNG/RI relevant authorities.

Draft ideas in Submission form to Foreign Minister.

Dialogue with line Agencies through Foreign Affairs, Asia Desk.

Continue Business Partners support for Chancery + Sea, Air, Land.

Engage more Regional Forums to support PNG Bid for ASEAN Membership


Instigate Improvement Program for PNG Embassy.




Draft new Arrangement.

Propose new concepts and draft agreements which suggest potential scope of engagements.

Sell the Strategic Plan Idea to Excellency Minister for Foreign Affairs.

CAA, PX, Maritime Authority, Transport Dept. (PNG/RI) to Engage

Engage Counterpart Business
Councils for long term Joint Partners.

Pursuing NEC approvals for Chancery to new Air, Sea, Land transport options.

Ground Breaking for Chancery.


Regular dialogue with RI Authorities for support in all initiatives


Seek and obtain Political & Bureaucratic Support


Stakeholders List



  1. PNG Embassy, Jakarta
    - Dept. of Foreign Affairs, PNG
    - Dept. of Defence
    - PNGDF
    - PNG Immigration Services
    - Dept. of Treasury
    - Prime Minister’s Dept.
    - National Planning Department

Indirect Public Sector

  1. Dept. of Police
  2. CAA
  3. NAQIA
  4. Border Development
  5. Dept. of Transport
  6. NIO
  7. Dept. of Provincial Affairs
  8. Dept. of Works
  9. IPA
  10. IRC

Indirect Private Sector

  1. PNG Chamber of Commerce / RI Counterpart
  2. Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce / Jakarta Counterpart
  3. Provincial Chamber of Commerce / RI Province Counterpart
  4. IPBC /  RI Counterparts
  5. Supply Tender Board PNG

External  Direct

  1. Dept. of Foreign Affairs - Indonesia
  2. City of Jakarta
  3. Relevant Foreign Ministers